//MAY 2017



Für die aktuelle Beobachter Ausgabe habe ich den Aufbau der Klöntaler Triennale begleitet. Bilder oben: Die Kuratorinnen Alexandra Blättler & Sabine Rusterholz Petko am Klöntaler See.  Aufbau der Installation von Rita McBride. Bilder unter: Künstler Cristian Andersen in seinem Atelier in Zürich, so wie auf der Besichtigung der Location mit der Köchin & Künstlerin Maya Minder.


Zur Zeit in den Medien, und im letzten Jahr von mir fotografiert: Die Jungs von Climeworks, Christoph Gebald & Jan Wurzbacher. Gute Sache!
More pics available at


Tiana Angelina Moser, Grünliberale Nationalrätin fotografiert am Bellevue in Zürich.


New magazin, new cover! Thank you beautiful Lina & Team for a sweet shooting day!
//April 2017

New coverstory out in annabelle magazine’s. Mother’s and daughters interview eachother up close and personal! Worth a read!

Pictures from above: Ellen Ringier & Sophie Ringier, Sybel Arslan & Kerime Arslan, Line Numme & Liv Numme, Silvia Overath & Angelika Overath, Nives Arrigoni & Andrea Arrigoni


Thank you annabelle for the nice feature on your intern page!

//MARCH 2017

SIGruen_FromKid_OrnellaCacace_IMGP9082SIGruen_FromKid_OrnellaCacace_IMGP9142 (Kopie)SIGruen_FromKid_OrnellaCacace_IMGP9322FromKid_OrnellaCacace_IMGP8935

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph the two boys from the band FROM KID for the magazine SI GRUEN. Also there new album ist out April 7th! Check it out!

//JANUAR 2017


Nick Hayek for Bilanz Magazin, presenting his latest business venture. The photo was voted “best quarter-year picture” by the publishing house Ringier. Thank youuuu!


Anna_Känzig_IMGP6671.jpgIt’s been a pleasure to once again shoot the talented Anna Känzig. This time in her home in Zürich.

One of the funnier shoots I’ve had! No wonder! Hazel Brugger is our new shooting star: Comedian, author, poetry-slam-dunking 20 something! Official press pictures, as well as her book cover an author pic by me. See & buy more pics here:


Ben Moore by Ornella Cacace
Ben Moore, astrophysicist, university professor and musician introducing his favorite spot in Zürich in this weeks Vivai Magazin. What an interesting person!


Yvonne Apiyo Braendle-Amolo by Ornella CacaceAnother strong and creative woman in front of my lens! Yvonne Apiyo Braendle-Amolo! She’s a multitalent and so much fun to hang out with! More pictures and an Interview by the lovely Anne-Sophie Keller soon out in Migros Magazin.

Marco Netzer für Bilanz By Ornella CacaceVerwaltungsratspräsident der AHV, Marco Netzer in der aktuellen Bilanz.

Simonette Sommaruga by Ornella Cacace for annabelle magazinLast but not least this month I had the chance to meet and photograph yet another inspiring woman, Simonetta Sommaruga, Switzerland’s Federal President 2015. More pictures and an interesting interview with her will be published June 24th in annabelle magazine.

Ai Koshima woman at work annabelle an_WomanAtWork_Japan_L1005812Making of Japan woman at work annabelle magazinIt was such a pleasure taking this high spirited womans picture in Japan. She is the woman at work in the latest issue of annabelle magazin, working as a cleaner at a construction site, as well as being a yoga teacher and webdesigner. Thank you Ai Koshima for being wonderful and so inspirational! 

Lately I’ve been cruising around taking pictures of young professionals like sailor Marvin for a special Job issue of Fritz & Fränzi Magazin. More coming soon!

Schwester Veronika BeautyBalance_SchwesterVeronika_OrnellaCacace_Druckdaten_IMGP3678Mein Besuch bei der charmanten und interessanten Schwester Veronika Ebnöther jetzt im redesignten in Ihrer Apotheke.

an_Rep_Cowgirl_MakingOf_MG_8706 Kopie
Das dreamteam Rigutto/Cacace im wilden outback Australiens!
Mehr Bilder, Text und Infos wie man sich zum Cowgirl ausbilden lässt in der nächsten annabelle Ausgabe! Yehaa!

Screenshot 2015-04-01 12.13.33


annabelle_kashenaJust got to see one of my favorite girls of annabelle’s “woman@work” series in print! Kashena from Jamaica! Rocking girl and awesome food! Wish I could be at her foodstall for lunch right now!!

an_Rep_Cowgirl_Jessica_MG_6699Coming up in one of the next annabelle issues is our story on a cowboy-camp in eastern Australia! Don’t miss it! Another Rigutto/Cacace cooperation! Always a pleasure!

MelonyMatthews_UploadI’ve been taking pictures of woman at work all around the world for annabelle magazine, many of them already have been printed and the next issue will feature lovely Kashena from Jamaica. This awesome street opera singer Melody Matthiews from L.A. unfortunately never made it into the magazine, cause she’s of bad handwriting and an unreadable email address :-/

hard at work
Back in Switzerland, back at work, no more denying it!
Lucky me, my travels continue, one mountain to another, working on a lovely story on swiss hotels! Let the sunshine in and keep the good food coming!


Like pretty much every photographer in the world wide web I’m working on a new website. It’s an ongoing project, that needs more time and affection that I currently have. So please be patient and don’t hesitate to contact me for my latest work and updates! I’ll be better with this poor site till then :-)

 MakingOf_SiliconValley_R024303_UPL2We’ve been running around San Francisco and Silicon Valley for a swiss economy magazine. It’s been sunny & funny! Story out in a couple of weeks!

Phenomden, Jamaica 2014 Kingston_View Jamiaca_OneLoveWe are back from Jamaica, where I photographed a travel story and met up with Switzerland’s most awesome reggae artist Phenomden (to watch the World Cup final,) but also to take some new pictures for him! Good times!
Jamaica! One Love! More soon…

HardAtWork_HavannaSaisonKueche_HavannaKuba and Food. Not usually mentioned in one sentence together, at least not in a positive one. Saison Küche Magazin sent us to Havanna to proof that there is a lot changing in the cuban cuisine! And yes, we found delicious restaurants an recipes and definitely no one lost any weight while in Havanna! Story out in November!


Eleonore Meier_ByOrnellaCacaceEleonore Meier_ByOrnellaCacaceSophie Meier_ByOrnellaCacacean1413_096_woh_usa-1 an1413_096_woh_usa-2 an1413_096_woh_usa-3Time flies! The first story we shot upon our arrival at our first destination, Los Angeles, had already been published! We spent a day with the lovely daughters of Dieter Meier, Sophie and Ele and there family in there cute and cozy house in Silverlake. Here’s the PDF and some outtakes!

Travels_Miami2 Travels_Miami  Travels_JoshuaTreeThe travels have begun! Yes!

I’ve been MIA for a while from my site, I know I know. The reason is a great one though! I left Zurich for a year and am traveling the world. I’m still working and taking pictures, just a little less so. Instead there is more time to breath and live, which will bring me back to Zurich relaxed and full of new creativity in April 2015! So yes, there might be less news, but I’ll promise to update when I have time and Internet. Hasta luego!


Yannik ELlenYannik Ellen for NZZ Stil, April 2014

Skor Nadja Stäubli & SkorNadja Stäubli from Schönstaub and Skor, for NZZ Stil, April 2014


Screenshot 2014-04-07 12.27.01
Berni & Ökkes on the latest cover of Migros Magazin! More press for our project


Felix_By Ornella CacaceThe sun is back, spring has arrived and instantly it’s more fun again to work and take pictures outdoors. Felix and more portraits coming up in a special edition of Migros Magazin.


Katja Gentinetta_BY ORNELLA CACACEKatja Gentinetta, Philosopher, for Vivai Magazine, 2014

MMF_MigrosPaare_Midor_OrnellaCacace MMF_MigrosPaareCOVER_OrnellaCacaceIt was fun seeing behind the doors of Migros factories all over Switzerland for a whole week. I took pictures of couples that met at there workplace. The empty background made it on the cover. Quite a brave move of Migros Migros magazine i find! Yeah!


Ilse_Schönheit_OrnellaCacaceIlse the dog and my good friend posed for my contribution to a dossier on Beauty for Nzz Stil Magazine.

Aktuell in den Medien:

Sina Candrian By Ornella Cacace
Congratulations to the swiss snowboarder Sina Candrian for her olympic diploma ins Soschi! This picture was taken last year in Flims.
Heinz Karrer By Ornella CacaceHeinz Karrer for Bilanz, 2013


Dom_RepThe year couldn’t have started better than with this job in the Caribbean! Hot days and cool water and never without Bachata out of every Boombox! In Love!


Happy New Year Ornella Cacace Photography

(Thanks to Ilse and Berni for posing for this years holiday card!)

LeoTardin_By_OrnellaCacace LeoTardin_By_OrnellaCacace LeoTardin_By_OrnellaCacace LeoTardin_By_OrnellaCacaceFirst couple of mood pictures from my vistit to Balik Music Studio where I captured Leo Tardin during the recording of his new solo piano album. Loved what I heard so far!

Foto 2 Foto 1Nice compliment in this weeks annabelle. (Blush) Thank you!

//NOVEMBER_2013Reeto von Gunten for annabelleI had the pleasure of photographing Reeto von Gunten and his dog Olav two days in a row for two different magazines. Here is a preview annabelle  just sent me over of part of there selection. Looking forward to the story coming out soon with an Interview by Michele Roten.

Keyvisual_X-Mas_Solar_MainimageNew  X-Mas Key Visual for FREITAG is online today! Yet another collaboration with Rocket Design .

FREITAG_Shopwindow_X-Mas_OrnellaCacace_BernhardStoller FREITAG_Shopwindow_X-Mas_OrnellaCacace_BernhardStollerShop window FREITAG store Zürich, X-Mas campagne 2013.

 LukasMaeder_By_OrnellaCacaceLukas Mäder, great photographer and studio mate and always a good stand in. By the way, we are still looking for a new studio/workspace. Thank you for any tip.


Makin Of from the last two nights, shooting the X-Mas Key Visual for FREITAG with Marco Müller and Berni Stoller. Cold nights with hot tea and lots of spiders.




ThomasMueller_By_OrnellaCacaceThomas Müller, Actor, Ensemble Schauspiel Köln, 2013


Wasserdörfer_annabelle_1Out this month in annabelle Magazine, a story on chinas watervillages, with a brilliant text by Stefanie Rigutto, about spitting chinese and chicken feet. Check it out.


Caroline Fux By Ornella Cacace
Caroline Fux, sex columnist,  for Beobachter Magazin, August 2013

Ralph Schelling By Ornella CacaceRalph Schelling for Saison Küche, August 2013

Steff La Cheffe by Ornella CacaceSteffe la Cheffe, singer/ beatboxer, 2013

follonica follonica follonicaHard at work in Italy for a reportage on Ferragosto, the italians favorite holiday week at the beach. Not much has changed since the 80’s and early 90’s when I used to come here with my family.
Off to the beach again…


NZZamSO_SonntagNachmittag_DSF3321_OMD Jakobshorn_OrnellaCacaceBike Season again! Loving it! Jakobshorn, Davos on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Making of Anna KänzigMaking of Anna Känzig Shooting Part 2. Lilith an Anna taking a break.

Anna Känzig by Ornella Cacace

Anna Känzig by Ornella Cacace
New Anna Känzig pictures coming soon. We spent a day in the shady woods on a hot summer day with some guitar playing and good old girl talk. Thanks again also to Lilith Amrad for Hair&Make up and telling many funny stories to make Anna smile in the pictures!


schweizer familie ornella cacace
The Kids made it on the cover! Ada with her brother Rico on the back. Issue Out now.

Jens Jung Das Magazin By Ornella Cacace
Jens Jung, Baker and Businessman for Das Magazin. April 2013

Time, Watch Portfolio contribution for Bilanz Magazin, Mai 2013

FRIDAY_Selbstvermarktung_OCacace__MG_0916Flexibility is a must, when applying for jobs! Self marketing, for Friday Magazin, 2013


Outdoor Kids Fashion Outdoor Kids Fashion Outdoor Kids FashionI had the pleasure of working with the lovely Ada and her little brother Rico for a Kids outdoor fashion spread. The story will be out in June’s Schweizer Familie.

HMS_Einladung_Vernissage.indd Ornella Cacace @ Hans MarsI’ve been invited to produce some new pictures and show them in a group exhibition alongside some great photographers. Go check out there result at the little Gallery Hans Mars has temporarily opened at Bäckerstrasse 58, Zürich. Last day is May 18th.


Udo Jürgens / Ornella Cacace

Udo Jürgens/ annabelleOut now & to be seen at annabelle Magazin: The forever young and charming Udo Jürgens!

kirschblüten_ornellacacaceMy favorit picture this Week! Looking out of the window into a see of cherrytree blossoms! Priceless!



Michael, AKA DJ Beware of FM4, Zürich 2013

Joyce Muniz by Ornella cacaceJoyce Muniz, DJ, Zürich 2013. More pictures to follow.

APRÈS SKI-BY ORNELLA CACACETodays Après-Ski kids are not what they used to be! Sleeping at Karussell, Elm, 2013

Ralph Schelling_Making Of Saison Küche
Making of Saison Küche Shooting with. Ralph taking a brake.
For the next 12 months I will follow Saison Küche’s chef Ralph Schelling on his shopping trips for the recipes  he creates for SK each month. Check out this months issue! (Take out picture)

Another photo-shoot out and about in the cold. This time we visited a Bio Farmer in Jura. Reaching his farm was quite a challenge. Thanks to my Assistant Dominik for all the adventurous and save driving this past month!


Anna Känzig Cover by Ornella Cacace
Now available for sale! Anna Känzig’s new Album with  graphic design by  Rocket Design and my pictures. See more here.

Making Of _ Ornella CacaceThis years winter really asks a lot from all this people I have to take pictures of for Magazins coming out in Spring or later! It’s been coooold! Big thanks to Evelyn and  Ilse for keeping cool! (Making of picture. Hush hush! More later)


Ornella Cacace für annabelle
Preview on my first annabelle Magazin fashion-accessoires shoot! Story will be out on February 27th! More pics soon!making of annabelle mode Making of annabelle spring/sommer accessoires shoot January 2013.
Zürich @ -4 celsius. Nice! Poor lightly dressed models!

DJ Antoine_Ornella CacaceTake out of another day with Mr. Bling Bling, DJ Antoine. More pics after the Magazin is out. 

Migros Cover Ornella CacaceCovers of the last few weeks. Thank you Migros!

Migros Magazin Cover Ornella Cacace

My latest Migros Magazin Cover with the musician Leo Tardin. See more pictures here.

Happy 2013May 2013 bring you only the best! Happy new year!


12146_MMD_Weihnachten_MG_3576_20x30This year my youngest housemate Mila made it into the X-Mas Special of Migros Magazin as well as on my X-Mas mailing card. (See post below).  Such a good sport!


XMas Postcard 2012

                     Wishing you all happy Holidays!


_MG_8878_FP_GoldMilder_MildThe Anna Kaenzig Press pictures are out and about. See more pictures here.


Last week I had the pleasure to photograph and later listen to the talented musician Leo Tardin of the crazy cool band Grand Pianoramax at Moods. The story will be published at Migros Magazin at the turn of this year. More pictures then.



Just stumbled across this old C-Print from 2007 of a picture I took of one of Bankys mural on the West Side barrier wich runs alongside Bethlehem. Love this one!


Outtake from the shoot with the lovely Anna Kaenzig! Her new album Slideshow Season will be out soon. Together with Rocket Design I got to do the artwork for the CD. Can’t wait for her new Songs! More soon!

Tomas Prenosil, Sprüngli CEO for Weltwoche Stil. Out now.


Just returned from China, where I had the pleasue to meet many interesting woman, among them the infamous Jin Xing, a dancer and TV host, here taking her brake from a photoshoot in Shanghai. Once a man, she is now one of the most influential woman in China. The story will come out in one of next years annabelle Magazins. Stay tuned.


The fabulous Nadine Ottawa and more swiss fashion people. Out in last weeks Friday Magazin. Swiss Fashion Streetstyle 2012. See more pictures here!


New category on my page: Advertising.

See more pictures from the Caspar Aime L’Art shoot and other work here.

The new cover of Via Magazin. I if you happen to ride a swiss train this Month pick one up. See more pictures of Xenia here.



Back from Deauville, the city of the American Filmfestival and knotted beach umbrellas.

Now in annabelle Magazin. Stefanie Rigutto and her cousin. Mein Cousin der Aussteiger. Read the article here.


Last Sunday we met up with Xenia Tchoumitcheva on her home turf. More pics as soon as the Magazin is out.


Out now. New Hä? Magazin issue featuring my pics on the cover and in the titel story. Pick up a copy at your next Rotpunkt Apotheke. Graphic design by Marcus Kraft.

Check out inside pictures here. 



From Norway with ♥! (July 2012)


Come see Melanie Hofmanns beautiful work in our little Gallery. Thanks to Tiger for the beautiful handwritten titel on the display!


Stop by this Thursday for our 4th and 2nd last Opening of our Polaroid special edition exhibition series at Vitrine Galerie! Looking Forward to see you there!


Pick up the next annabelle Issue (coming out August 8th) featuring a story on Xherdan Shaqiri and his Family. I took these pictures earlier this year. Fun, if for once the Model is almost my size (tiny).

See more Pictures here.



R&M @ Vitrine Galerie June 2012

Rico & Michael at the Opening of there Show at our Galerie. Stop by and check out the work they produced for Zürichs smallest Showroom the Vitrine Galerie.


Second opening coming up soon! Come check out Michael & Rico’s work the produced especially for our little gallery! Vernissage this thursday!


Peter Hauser’s Vitrine @ Vitrine Galerie. There is one original Polaroid left to purchase (Edition of 5). Get more info here.



Big opening of Zürichs smallest Galerie today! A cooperation between the Graphic Studio Afrika and myself. Can’t wait!


This Thursday, opening of our little, new Galerie in Zürich!


Check out this young and absolutely lovely young band from Palermo, Italy, that I will have the pleasure to meet and photograph this week. They are called La Rappresentante di Lista. Mi piace!



These easter editions Dossier of Die Zeit. Thanks for the big feature.
Read the article and see the pictures close up here.


//Valle Maggia_April_2012_When you go biking without a map, you might end up in a riverbed or other quite unusual places for a bike. (Taken with Fuji X100)



A while a go I got to shot the new key-visual for the Velofinder advertising.
It’s a good thing introduced by Veloplus! Especially if you live in a bike-thief-city like Zurich! You can buy it in all swiss post offices or online:


Late February I had the pleasure of a short but lovely meeting with the young, swiss TV- actress Alexa Benkert who’s first movie will be in theaters this year.
See more pictures of her here.



Last friday the story on the two Polo player Jill and Dana Wächter was printed in
Friday magazine. Check out some more pictures here.


Finally online. The «Facing The Impossible Project – Zürich». See more pictures here.



//Munich_January_2012_Stammtisch in Munich where I visited the Ispo and had some Pretzels and a good time. (Taken with Fuji X100)


I would like to congratulate the journalist Stefanie Rigutto for winning the second prize of the of the Swiss Media Award with for «outstanding achievements» for our story on Buenos Aires that was published in annabelle magazine in 2011. High five girl!
Read the story online and check out the pictures to the article here.


Back from Klosters where I spent the day working on a job at the Polo-Tournament and got the chance to see the oldies but goldies Duran Duran!
Thanks to Yves for being a great tripod and assistant!


Today was the opening of the Swissbanking «100 Danke» exhibition and the book launch. A project by Spillman/Felser/Leo Burnett I was part of with seven portraits of different professions. For example Simone and her family from Good Day Tattoo. More pictures up soon.


Hope you all had a great jump in to the new year! Wish you all a colorful and wonderful 2012!



(My amazing friend and talented photographer Nina Süsstrunk)
(Slope on the Glacier 3000/ Les Diablerets)

I wish you all happy holidays, good company, nice snapshots and lot’s of snow!
See you all in 2012! Love, Peace & Snowflakes. O.


New work up. An italian wedding. Reportage for annabelle Magazin. See more here.

New work up. Travel-story on Buenos Aires for annabelle Magazin. See more here.


One year after Dania Zafran and I did our story on the beautiful Jaffa in Israel, the “Postcard” is coming out in the new annabelle (22/11) tomorrow. Check it out and get some awesome suggestions on where to go for the best Hummus in town or where to find the nicest bars and shops!


Making of from a couple of nights back where we shot the new «Velofinder» campaign for Velo Plus. Pictures will be out soon. Yet another cooperation with Rocket Design.



Outtake from a recent shoot for a project by Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett. Floating, brave Marina! (The water was quite chilly!)

Outtake from a shoot a couple of days back for the new Magazin Peach Paper. DJ Antoine. Well, his shoes. More Pics to follow soon.


Back in the office and just had my first shooting in the lounge of my new studio! Pics to follow soon!




How nice to be a tourist again! Back in the office November 1st. See you then!



Just back from the majestic mountain Tödi where we spent an awesome time at the SAC Fridolinshütte for some work and pleasure. The pictures are taken out of the helicopter that brought us and the equipment up there. Still feel my legs from walking down though. Good times!


Today I had a shoot with the beautiful Nadine Strittmatter and her mother. I think she gets prettier every year. More pictures to follow after the magazin is out.


//Zürich_October_2010_I recently found this picture of Uetlibergs beautiful autumn forest on an other undeveloped film role from a walk on Zürichs own little mountain last year. Makes me feel a bit better about summer being over soon. (Captured with mit Olympus µ/35mm)



//Zürich_August_2011_Sunrise at Güterbahnhof and full moon reflection in the beautiful Prime Tower. (Captured with mit Olympus µ/35mm)



Just returned from bella Rome where I attended Immas (Immacolata = the immaculate) and Danieles crazy italian wedding. I did a reportage for annabelle Magazin together with the Journalist Marc Zollinger. It’s impossible to leave an italian party without 2 kilos more on the hips! So worth it though!


Recently I had the pleasure of shooting the oh so wonderfully crazy and lovely stylist Alexandra Kruse. Here are some making of pictures from the shout. Thanks again to Alex for beeing such a good sport and Davide Asquini who was a pleasure working with, as well as to David Suivez for his tallent to make Alex laugh! What a blast!

View more pics here.


I recently visited the lovely “Marketing Woman of the year” Regula Feck of Rod/Kommunikation for Friday Magazin in there amazing offices on the hill! Check out more pictures here.



A big thank you to the kanton and city of Schaffhausen vor the lovely pot of peppermint as well as awarding my work with there generous “Förderpreis”. Short but nice visit to my hometown!



Check out todays DAS MAGAZIN for a day in the life of the young and talented Luisa Ricar. Thanks again for your patience Luisa (we got incredibly lost on the way to her house) and a big thank you to the lovely Nina for being the best company, driver and assistant while doing so! What a crazy fun day!

Check out more magazine jobs here.



Anne Gabriel-Juergens & Marvin Zilm Ester Michel
Bernhard Stoller Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer
Ab 22. Mai sieht Impossible der Schweiz ins Gesicht – mit der Ausstellung Facing the Impossible auf der ewz.selection in Zürich. Diese analoge Portraitreihe auf Impossible Sofortbildfilm landet nach Köln und New York City nun in Zürich und zeigt Impossible Fotografien, angefertigt von einer feinen Riege Schweizer FotografInnen:
Ornella Cacace

Die unmögliche Nacht der analogen Sofortbildfotografie feat. instant speeches by the Impossible founder Florian Kaps aka “doc”, drinks, music and images.

22. Mai, 20:00 Uhr
23. – 29. Mai
täglich 12 – 20 Uhr



Pick up the next issue of annabelle Magazin (12/11 out on May 18th) for the story on Abuela Irma and her kidnapped granddaughter Maria Belen I shot this February in Cordoba Argentina. Moving Story.



I’m falling in love with Polaroid all over again! Save the Date: Mai 22. 2011

The Impossible Projects Pola Lovers Night coming up! More details and official invite to follow soon!


Recently I had the pleasure to shoot another Miss something something Switzerland. Jennifer Hurschler and her lovely mum, who rocked my tiny studio! (How about a Mister something something for the next Shuut, dear Friday Mag? Bring it on!)


//Zürich_April_2011_out take of yet another “Das bin ich” shoot for Friday Magazin. Samir. Loved his socks. His picture will be printed in one of next weeks Magazins.



If you happen to ride a tram or a bus or a train tomorrow in Switzerland, pick up a FRIDAY MAGAZIN an check out the story about stalking I shot with the lovely Flurina Decasper as the stalked girl! She did a great job and i forced her through 5 different motives out in the cold back in January. Unfortunately they only ended up using one theme. Thanks again, Flurina!


In case you missed it. Friday’s Buenos Aires Street Style with my suggestions where to go/ what to do. My favorits are the Boca Juniors soccer game and the Palacio Barolo. What a crowed, what a view!


//Zürich_March_2011 _fulfilling yet another dream: a garden with my own hammok! yehaa! (aufgenommen mit Canon G10)



New work up! Here’s a first look on my new portrait project. More to come later on. So click here to see PART I: BOYS
The Girls will follow soon.



Almost back from from Argentina where the always traveling Stefanie Rigutto and I did a reportage on the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Here a little preview on the story that will come out later this year in annabelle magazine.



In case you missed it: Last Fridays “Family Matters” with Karina Berger and her daughter Noemi. They where the first to be photographed in my new mini-studio. Check out the printed version and more commissioned work here.



PHOTO 10 will be opening it’s doors on January 6. I will be participating with some older and some brand new pictures. Come and join us for some drinks, picture and people watching! There will be some interesting events happening throughout the exhibition, like presentations by the awesome Walter Pfeiffert, James Nachtway and many more.


Almost a year after my trip to Vietnam with the journalist Andreas Senk, the story appears in the current annabelle issue 1/11! Check it out at a your next kiosk or on annabelles online link.


I just stumbled across this really nice note Nadja Putzi wrote on some of my work a while ago. Thanks again for that Nadja!

Check it out here.


Today is the last day of our reportage in Jerusalem. The grand Frank Heer has already left to Tel Aviv and I’m here for a couple of hours more to finish up the job, which includes a trip to Mount of Olives and a visit to the German Colony. It was an amazing experience getting talk to all this people from all different backgrounds, religions and ethnics that meet here, in this crazy city, in the heart of the holy land. Here are some impressions.

Shaanan Street, lead singer of hip-hop groove collective Hadag Nachash

The always rambling market at Damascus Gate

Lihi, the lovely owner of a liturature caffe worth visiting at Yanai 3

The Mosque of Omar


//Zürich_Dezember_2010 Good morning sunshine! My lovely view from my new studio. (In memory of John Lennon, who died 30 years ago today. Imagine all the people living life in peace… )


In case you missed it. Friday’s Tel Aviv Street Style.
(Unfortunately they mixed up the pictures of the Caspa de Florentin and Café 6B)


Check out next weeks Friday Magazin for a piece on “Lover’s Grief”, a collaberation with the journalist Cécile Blaser. Here a prieview with Tim’s pic and suggestion to how he handel a broken heart. (Unfortunately he’s contribution is not going to be published due to his answer)

(More pictures under commissioned work)

Tim, 17, Stäfä ZH

“Was hilft gegen Liebeskummer? Ein Jointli rauchen!”



Just got back from Israel, where i did a travel story on Jaffa with the lovely journalist Dania Zafran for annabelle magazin, as well as a streetstyle for Friday magazin. (out this friday. Check it out!)

Here are some impressions from our Jaffa tour.


//Tel Aviv_November_2010 (aufgenommen mit Canon G10)


//Singaraga/Bali_June_2009_Found on undeveloped filmroll_November_2010 (captured with Olympus µ/35mm)


José Gonzales and his band Junip live @ Exil, Zürich, October 2010
Listen to there awesomeness on

Making of annabelle Men Fashionshoot with Stefan Heinrichs.
Check out his work @

…and some afterwork pics…

(captured with Olympus µ/35mm mit Olympus µ/35mm)


//Leistchamm_Oktober_2010 (captured with mit Olympus µ/35mm)